Today I would like to go with you to Corenno Plinio, starting from our B&B “La Casa Sul Sasso” in Dervio: it is a very easy walk, suitable for all person and family.

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We have to follow the “ Sentiero del viandante “ (orange table), that we can find at the start of the parallel street of our: the path brings us out from the old Dervio quarter and 50 m up the BB position. Always following the Sentiero del Viandante table, we proceed along the street, not path yet and at the end it becomes a path, only for trekker: and from here the landscape became very beautiful because of the Lake view.

At the end of this path, we will arrive in Corenno Plinio, small and old village on the Lake, where is a private castle, at least 300 year old, generally closed, but, if we are lucky, it could be happened that we arrive when Dervio Administration organizes the visit…. Butt only if we have booked it!

Not only the Castle is the pearl of Corenno Plinio: also the church in the small square is very beautiful, recently ire furbished, showing its beauty to the tourist

Thinking to see the Lake in a beautiful corner of Corenno, we can take the small path between the Restaurant (La Locanda del Castello) and the Castle: follow it for 50m until we find a small path on the right. Take it and after 5 m, on the right, we can see a small public square, amazing balcony on the lake!

One curiosity: if we see trough the small tubes fixed on gratin iron, we can individuate some famous Church and House and the metallic table near them explain us what are.

Leaving the square and coming back to the Restaurant, we leave it on our left and walk along the street without cross it, until the houses are finished (5m after). In front of us, we can see a path that go down: take it and we will walk trough a wood on the lake in a wonderful promenade near the lake. Proceeding along it, in half hour, we arrive in Dorio, next village after Corenno Plinio and its beautiful beach: here we can swim or sunbathing in a very delicious tranquillity

But if we prefer go ahead, at the end of the last beach that we meet, we can climb along the stairway and visiting Dorio, San Giorgio Church and the beautiful view from it!

And now in the same mode or taking the train in Dorio, as we prefer, come back to the BB!!

The Trip takes 2 hours (go and go back)


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