Day trip From Subiale to alpin Refuge Bellano

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It is a pleasant walk, starting from Dervio you have to travel about 15km by car, it usually does not take more than 30 minutes to get to Subiale, which is located in the municipality of Tremenico.

The car park is located on the road below the bend before the Capriolo restaurant.

From here it is easy to identify the starting point of the path because it is a wide road for cars, just to the left of the restaurant.

Walking on this flat stretch you can enjoy the view of Lake Como and the fresh and fragrant air of the pine forest, along the way we find a small waterfall then a fountain. At the end of the path before the asphalt road, turn right keeping a concrete building on the left.

From here we start to climb up to the Artesso Lake where we find a picnic area with tables if we want to rest or eat something.

We have chosen to continue to the Bellano refuge where we drank a beer and ate some good Goat cheese, and then take the way back

What to say is a really recommended trip for those who want to spend an afternoon in the open air in fantastic places and without particular efforts, with our dog friends or with children (no prams)

  • Difficoltà : Facile
    Difficulty : Easy
  • Lunghezza/Length : 4,5 Km
    solo andata / one way
  • Dislivello : 300 Mt
    Difference in level : 300 mt
  • Tempo no stop : 1,30 H
    Time no stop : 1,30 H

For any doubt you can contact us by chat or by email or even calls, we will give you all the tips you need, even if you only want the originals of the photos


My advice

It is good to bring a snack and a sweater and a windbreaker in your water backpack, obviously it depends on the season.

Below I leave you the links of my backpack and the shirts I use, I prefer them to be light and breathable