Lo Spuntino Errante lake fish and chips

At lunch with Brian in his red van of the Wandering Snack
In the cool and sunny spring days of June, by cycling along the cycle and pedestrian path that surrounds the town of Dervio, the pedestrian path stops in via alla Darsena and then starts again after the church, it is here that you can find the Red van parked with the white writings  LO SPUNTINO ERRANTE
When you walk by via alla Darsena it is impossible not to stop the smell of fried lake food, you have to stop even to say goodbye to Brian and have a chat, while we are here we don’t want to take a portion of fried lake food? always ends like this ….

It is served in paper cones and you can take it home as an aperitif or have an encore and have lunch directly, accompanied by two fried potatoes and a drink.

Often there are also the tables where you always meet some acquaintances and you can never go home, or in our B & Bs where the kitchen is always available to guests and in 5 minutes you already have your legs under the table, right the time to become at the ideal temperature for eating.

Brian can also be found at the Dervio market on Tuesday and in other places during the week, look for it and follow it on facebook.

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