Swimming in open water Lake Como
Dervio Foppa beach

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This afternoon, let’s go swimming. After a long time without being able to enter the water, I was looking forward to a dip in the lake, leaving from the Foppa beach in Dervio on Lake Como.

On this spring day at the beginning of May the water is a chill, I did not measure the temperature, but with my new TYR wetsuit I had a great time, indeed I had to open my neck a bit to let in the fresh water.

Although I have to be honest, at one point I had frozen hands and feet, but I increased the pace a bit and it was all over.

Starting from the Reception of the Casa Sul Sasso, where we provide guests with a changing room with shower to change, go along Via Diaz in a northerly direction, after 200 meters you pass under the railway and state bridge and you arrive at Foppa beach.

From here you can enter the water, there is an area delimited by the buoys where you can swim safely, or if you want to swim freely, the signal buoy is a must, better if you choose a model that acts as a lifesaver, you also need the high visibility green or orange cap, but the ideal is to be followed by a friend or partner in a canoe. (we have one available for guests or you can rent it)

I recommend the use of slippers because both the beach and the bottom of the lake are from Sassi and it is difficult to walk.

Once you get into the water, you warm up a little by swimming a breaststroke and then you start swimming in free style, Even if I always tend to swim automatically, it is good to raise your head often to check the direction.

The attached GPS track of today’s trip is 1km because we arrived in the water in front of the Dervio hydroelectric power station to then return and continue parallel to the beach.

  • Difficoltà : FacileDifficulty : Easy
  • Tempo no stop : 30min

For any doubt you can contact us by chat or by email or even calls, we will give you all the tips you need, even if you only want the originals of the photos


Il Consiglio

The water of the lake is really clear in this area, but it can be cold even in summer, on this day it was between 14 and 16 degrees, but in any case with the wetsuit I indicate below, I was fine, I indicate other articles essential for safety.