Day trip from Dervio to Vestreno

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In this article I will describe a simple, but beautiful and panoramic tour that takes us from Dervio to Vestreno, on the path called “le Scalotte”.

Starting from the Reception of the Casa Sul Sasso in via Crocetta there are two alternatives: the first you can follow the attached GPS track and go up a little known path that comes out in Chiari, the hamlet of Dervio which is located just off the main road 36, from here you can reach the hamlet of Castello following the asphalted road together with the cars. The first piece of road has the pavement the second stretch is without, but it is short. Once you arrive at the hamlet of Castello, you begin the climb from the stairs that are located to the right of the washhouse.

The second option is to take the wayfarer path ( sentiero del viandante ) to the Orezia tower, in the Castello hamlet, from the tower you can see the parking lot and the wash-house from where the path starts.

From the Lavatoio in the parking lot of the Castello hamlet, you start to climb following the path that goes up quite sharply, several times you cross the road that goes up to Vestreno, but it is easy to find the path on the other side of the road.

The path winds through terraced houses, then crosses a wood, the landscape is always very beautiful and open. After 40 minutes you arrive at Al Vestreno sports field where you can have a drink by sitting on the benches facing the lake.

If you want you can continue following the indications of Madonna di Bondo, go up until you reach the collection tanks of the plant, from here starts the Agro Pastorale road that leads us to the church of Madonna di Bondo.

  • Difficolta : Facile
    Difficulty : Easy
  • Lunghezza solo andata: 1,9 Km
    One way length : 1,9 Km
  • Dislivello : 552 mt
    Difference in Level : 552 mt
  • Tempo di salita : 40 minuti
    Rise Time : 40 min
For any doubt you can contact us and we will give you all the tips you need