From Dervio to Madonna di Bondo Church

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The trip of this article is a 4.5km route with 550 meters of altitude difference, starting from Dervio it takes us to the church of Madonna di Bondo.

From the reception of the Casa Sul Sasso, take via Cunella in the direction of the hamlet of Castello, going up the Sentiero del Viandante for a stretch.

Once you arrive at the castle, continue taking the stairs to the right of the wash house after the parking of the hamlet.

From here we start to climb the path called le Scalotte which crosses the provincial road that leads to Valvarrone several times, in most cases it is easy to find the path beyond the roadway, only in two places it is not clear but here GPS tracking can help.

Of course for those who want to save themselves a bit of effort and enjoy only the walk in the cool of the trees on the well-trodden road, you can go by car to Vestreno and continue on foot.

Once you arrive in Vestreno you take the asphalted road, always uphill, which leads to the collection tanks of the power plant, The GPS track cuts through a path while if you follow the asphalted road it is a bit longer, however it is impossible to get lost.

The Agro Pastorale road starts from the collection tanks on the coast to the mountain which takes us to the church in 20/25 minutes, if you want you can make a detour to visit the ruins of the fortifications of World War II, just follow the signs found along the path.

Our Amstaff Zoe has helped us a little uphill 🙂 but who has an Amstaff knows that we do it only for their own good .. to tire them a little.

  • Difficoltà /Difficulty : Medium
  • Lunghezza/Length : 4,5 Km solo andata / one way
  • Dislivello/Difference in level : 550 mt
  • Tempo no stop/Time no stop : 1,30 H

For any doubt you can contact us by chat or by email or even calls, we will give you all the tips you need, even if you only want the originals of the photos


Our advice

The only places where you can drink are the bar in Vestreno and a fountain right near the church on arrival, so it is good to bring water for us and our 4-legged friends.

The route is partly in the sun and partly in the shade and it is good to wear technical clothing that allows the skin to breathe to avoid sweating in the sun and then feeling cold in the shade.

I leave you the links of some equipment that we have worn and used.

For those wishing to come and stay with us, we have dog-friendly accommodation with a small private courtyard, contact us