Dog Beach Dervio, the bigger on Como Lake

The largest beach dedicated to dogs on Lake Como is in Dervio
The beach for dogs is located on the cycle / pedestrian road that runs alongside Dervio, starting from the church square you must take the road that goes down towards the lake in a northerly direction, after a few meters you will find it on the left.
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The beach is for use by the dogs and the owners who accompany them, to enter there is a gate that must be closed once you have entered, so that you can let our 4-legged friends free to run and swim.

The beach is about 30 meters long, while the width varies with the level of the lake, when the lake is low, it can even be 9/10 meters wide while with the high lake it can narrow down to one meter, in exceptional cases the lake can get to submerge it all.

I only mention this to you because you could happen in these periods and maybe be disappointed, it rarely happens in the spring-summer period.

On the beach, new friends are always known for both owners and dogs. If you have to swim your four-legged friend in the lake The dog beach of Dervio is the best place, also because in the rest of the beaches it must be kept on a leash and you cannot make it enter the lake.

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