Many guests are curious about the history of the house. it Was Built in 1400, probably was a part of a monastery, there is a big cellar excavated in the rock, and is 5 floors.

We purchased the building in 2014, thanks to the RM of Vestreno, we completely emptied the house, so much so that the sky could be seen from the ground floor.

Reconstruction work then began, floor after floor and month after month and hard work continued.

We have however preserved the most significant parts, such as some stone walls that can be seen in the kitchen and at the entrance.

The systems are the most modern with the solar panel for energy saving to offer maximum comfort to our guests

Now thanks to our experiences we will enrich the house with photos and experiences some of these together with the people they know during our journey.


Per qualsiasi dubbio potete contattarci usando la chat o la sezione contatti e vi daremo tutte le dritte di cui avete bisogno.