Viandante path map

In this web page, you can find the Map of the Wayfarer’s path, with a description of the single sections.

Our facilities, La Casa Sul Sasso, La Magnolia and the Apartments of Megghy’s are located in Dervio, few meters far from this famous path, that passes through the historic center.

Furthermore Dervio has very confortable train station and our accommodation are just a short walking from the train station. A lot of modern wayfarers decide to stay more nights with us, departing from Dervio by train for reaching the stretch of the chosen path and being back in the evening every time in Dervio.

If you want to have the map of theWayfarer’s path in high resolution, you can write to or come to see us.

We wish you a good journey full of emotions

Marco and Grace

Mappa sentiero del viandante
La casa sul sasso

Download Map in high definition, if is not enough and you need the original file, call or chat or write to us.

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