In 2014, we bought our old home not in so good condition: it was inhabitat for a long time and its age is not so defined exactly, but, the old village is 800 years old. She needed a “strong restiling” and we commissioned the work to RM society in order to do the home refurbishment.

It was a very hard work: there was a period when you saw the sky from the grownfloor, as a old cathedral without roof. We will always gratefull to the RM company, because, instead we worried for the needing work, they was very efficiency and ready to solve all problems… Month after month, our home was changing under our eyes, maintaining some anciens parts… the walls in the hall and kitchen, the stairs… but with modern electrical and thermo system, even if solar panel for sanitary weather, because we believe that the tradition and modern are the best solution for giving to us and our guests the best confort in a beautiful enviroment.

This is the start of our expirience: we believe strongly that this way will give us a lot of beautiful expirience, to be shared with you and all our guests, fixed in all pics doing during the next future years