DAY TRIP IN VALVARRONE – From Premana To Casera Vecchia di Varrone

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In Premana at the bottom of the Valsassina, before going up to the Arcoccato village of knives and prohibitors, cross the bridge over the stream and take the almost hidden road which forms a narrow elbow and follow the industrial area of ​​Premana, along the stream, parked here .

From the industrial area it is compulsory to follow the road that winds its way along the long valley, along the stream, before passing by the Giabbio farmhouse, – second bridge – there are still houses arranged – junction for Premana village – always on the road, which continues rising, with tight bends well arranged with concrete sections, we arrive at the Pegnadura Chapel.

Then you pass the agglomeration of Alpe di Forni di Sotto and next to the right the case of Alpe di Casarsa, you pass by Alpe Vegessa and a beautiful picnic area. Now, at the bottom of the narrowing of the valley, you have to get around the relief of Pizzo del Dente, a series of sustained hairpin bends to emerge in the upper part of the valley, above the limit of the forest vegetation, you get to the beautiful pasture basin of the Valvarrone di in front of the elevation of the top of Varrone, on the left you immediately reach the small but excellent refreshment point of the Casera Vecchia di Varrone Refuge, at the bottom on the right the Malga di Varrone.

  • Difficulty : Easy
  • Lenght : 8,8 Km
  • Difference in Level : 900 Mt
  • Rise Time : 4 Hours
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